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How To make artwork stand out Edinburgh Interior Designer Interior Design problems Solved Online

How to make landscape photographs stand out? Where to start?

Seeing your own work on the walls at home can be very gratifying. And it is certainly more personal and relatable to you (than hanging other people’s work). This post is about how to start designing around colour photographs (black & white are easy).

– Print out the photographs on good quality paper. The dimensions will depend on the size of free wall space and should be in proportion with the rest of the room;

– Think about the frame later. Move to the next step (i.e. don’t get stuck on details);

– Extract main colours from the photographs – like it’s shown in my examples;

– Match those colours with the existing paint shades. It is best to pick a brand with already mixed colours. That way you know the paints exist and will always be 100% accurate. Later, if you want, you can ‘mix it to match’.

The colours can then be used for colour scheme for the whole room. This is a very intuitive approach and I think the quickest way to get one’s creativity into motion. This is also how I start developing a design concept when working on a project. The next step in designing would be moving from 2D to 3D.

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