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Royal Mile Reflections – Heritage Interiors made for Contemporary living.

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh’s Old Town is brimming with history. The majority of buildings date from the 1800s. The oldest one is from the mid 15c, and those that were built in the late 20c (e.g. Radisson Blu Hotel, built in 1990) had to be made to look historic in order to blend in with the adjacent buildings.

What about interiors? Luckily, interiors reflect the personality of those who live there and are hugely defined by their space. Architectural limitations. That means: usually low ceiling, smaller sized rooms, miniscule bathrooms with sometimes no direct ventilation, single glazed sash and case windows, narrow and winding corridors that make it difficult to bring in any bigger piece of furniture. And I almost forgot – there are no lifts!  Living in these properties is fun and romantic. In my first year in Edinburgh I lived near the Canongate Kirk (Church). Across was a fantastic view of ‘Edinburgh’s Acropolis’ on Calton Hill. The neo-classical building looking like Parthenon in Athens. The interiors on the Royal Mile are  definitely quirky and full of personality, but require extensive renovation to become truly comfortable by modern standards.

Photo credit: This photo was taken by a friend of mine who was visiting from America. Like most tourists she was mesmerised by the fantastic architecture. After 2 decades I am still in awe and absolutely adore this city, its architecture and its rich history and heritage. Designing interiors in Edinburgh is a privilege.

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